Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Need to Shift Perspective

Nothing in Biology makes sense except in light of Evolution.  This is the title of a famous essay from Theodosius Dobzhansky, regarding how it is possible to reconcile a belief in God with the concept of evolution.  The article is quite brilliant, but I think the biggest takeaway is the assertion made in the title itself.  Nothing in Biology makes sense except in light of Evolution.  

When we look at the evolution of the human race, we note that selection pressure to evolve began to rapidly decline after the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution.  Humans shifted from being migratory to stationary, civilizations developed and grew, and humans began to enjoy benefits of society and technology, including amazing medical advancements.  As a result, there was no reason for our bodies to adapt to the world around us, because the world around us had become a much more hospitable place.   

Based on this evidence, one can adeptly theorize that human physiology has not changed all that much since the end of the Paleolithic era.  Our basic needs as humans have not changed.  Our world, however, has changed immensely.

Our unnatural world is no longer congruent with our human physiology.  This disconnect is at the heart of the multitude of trials and tribulations the human race has been experiencing for thousands of years.  And, with every advance in technology, the gap between our evolved state and the world in which we live widens.

In order to bridge this gap, we must start taking into account this evolutionary perspective.  We have to start looking  at our world through a different lens.  This blog will attempt to do just that.

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